RAVE is back, The Music is back

The visionary global music media mogul, philanthropist & founder of India’s most popular and respected music magazine, Rishi Shah, Publisher & CEO Crossbones Media, hosted a pre-launch of the “New RAVE” over music, cocktails & dinner focused on home-grown independent music, “Karmic Magazine”, luxury with a conscience & “One Nation” for the youth, bringing the funk to India.

Kubra Sait with Rishi ShahThe pre-launch of “RAVE” magazine saw the presence of Padam Prakash Gupta, Kunal Ganjawala, Komal Rampal, Hrishtaa Bhatt, DJ Sheizwood, Shweta Khanduri, Vivek Mishra, Imam Siddiqui, Prashant Virender Sharma, Smita Gondkar, Suman, Anurradha Tewari, Kubra Sait Creative consultant crossbones media.

Kunal Ganjwala with Rishi Shah Guests grooved to the tunes of Milica, Dhol For Soul, Selvaganesh, U Rajesh, Underground Authority. Rishi Shah (Publisher & CEO, Crossbones Media) spoke lengths about the magazine “RAVE is the axis of music in India” further adds, “When I left RAVE in Feb. 2009, it was because I thought I had done all that I could do to the best of my abilities in the area of music, media and for emerging artistes. After 8 years, away from music, the greatest artistes in India, the agencies and most importantly my colleagues and the media asked me to come back because as my dear friend Dr. L Subramaniam said, “Rishi, I have a new presentation of my violin but I cannot do it without RAVE. I realized that no media platform was able to fill the void left by my departure and RAVE’s departure from the Indian music landscape.”

Live PerformanceAnuradha Tewari the creative consultant is glad to put her experience of Films, Cinema, Events, heading channels, Direction, Writing and be part of RAVE and Crossbones Media.

Hrishitta BhattAll of us must come to experience RAVE “because music will save the world”. RAVE is the axis that unites and binds the splintered music industry of India from north to south, from classical to pop, from hip-hop to jazz, from electronic to folk. RAVE is the place where everyone is respected for what they are. RAVE is back to showcase the diversity of the human experience in a celebration of the unity of human spirit.

Smita GondkarWelcome to the incredible world of RAVE, a magazine that has been the voice and authority for emerging music in India. Celebrating 15 years of excellence and dominance in the world of music content with a focus on unifying music fans from across the globe by providing exclusive engaging content where people can interact digitally and participate with the best in the business like Elton John, Rolling Stones, A. R Rehman, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Selvaganesh etc.

Vivek Mishra with Shweta Khanduri and Prashant, Virendra SharmaRAVE is the only brand in the world that unites all genres of music, from classical to electronic, from traditional to contemporary, from north to south and from devotional to hip-hop. It’s about showcasing the diversity of the human experience in a celebration of unity of the human spirit.