Producer Dr. Santosh Rai will launch a film on Nathuram Godse

Many films are made on the life and time of Mahatma Gandhi. Prominent among them are GANDHI and MAKING OF MAHATMA. Now a producer Dr. Santosh Rai has announced to make a film on the life of Nathuram Godse. Titled GODSE this film will be produced under the banner of Brahmarshi Films.

Talking about this film Dr. Santosh Rai says, “The world knows Nathuram Godse as the killer of Mahatma Gandhi. When one hears the name Godse he starts thinking about the assassination of Gandhiji. But the fact is Nathuram Godse was also a true patriotic. He had his own ideology for the betterment of the country. People do not know the truth behind Godse’s ideology. My film will bring out the facts related to the life of Godse. This film will showcase his life in true colors. Who was Nathuram Godse, what was his original name, why he was called Nathuram, why he killed Gandhiji and many other facts will be shown in this film. Following the research of three years the script of this film is prepared and when this film will be released people will come to know about facts related to the history of the country”.

The cast and credits of film is under finalisation and the film will mount the set soon.

One thought on “Producer Dr. Santosh Rai will launch a film on Nathuram Godse

  • August 25, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    Welldone Dr Santosh Rai,God Bless You,You are bringing real History of Fake Mahatma.

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