Playing double role is great opportunity to show the talent : Madhavi Sharma

Madhavi Sharma debuted with Priyadarshan’s film BAM BAM BHOLE. She has done nine music videos and also worked in ad films. She is doing two south movies. Her next Hindi film TUM HI TO HO will release on 4th February. She is playing double role in the film. GlamGold met the excited and beautiful gal to know about her and the film.

Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.

MS) I am from Dehradun. I have done graduation in Arts. I have mother, two elder sisters and a younger brother in my family. Mom is teacher.

GG) When did you think of acting?

MS) My focus was study earlier. In college I use to participate in various activities and stage. After 12th I took acting seriously and decided to make career as an actress.

GG) What was your family’s reaction then?

MS) My family has always supported me. Because of them I am here today.

GG) Have you joined any acting school?

MS) No. I did not feel like joining. See acting school one should join only when you are not confident about yourself or you feel something lacking.

GG) How did you get TUM HI TO HO?

MS) I was knowing Late Vivek Shauq. He told me about the film. I went and gave the look test. Everybody felt I was perfect for the role and I was in.

GG) Tell us about your characters?

MS) As you know I playing double role Pooja and Ena. Pooja is typical Indian girl. She is very positive, serious towards life and understanding. Ena is bubbly kind of girl.

GG) What is difference or similarities between you and both the characters?

MD) I relate more to Pooja but over all I am mix and match of Pooja and Ena in real life.

GG) Why did you accept the film?

MS) I like the story and the characters. Plus I have to play double role. Playing double role is great opportunity to show the talent in different shades. There is everything in the roles bubblyness, seriousness, comedy etc.

GG) Was it difficult to play double role?

MS) Not at all. I was happy and excited. Everybody was very co-operative during the shoot.

GG) How was your experience working with Vippino and Sarwar?

MS) Oh great. Both are very friendly. It was fun on the set as every day we use to prank on somebody.

GG) Any memorable incidence during the shoot?

MS) During the shoot at Goa there was a scene in the sea. I fell in water. I was very frightened because I do not know swimming.

GG) Who is your favorite actor in Bollywood?

MS) Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

GG) And favorite actress?

MS) Madhubala and Sridevi.