PAREES shows importance of education

We always read or hear that iron turns in gold when touched by parees. In reality though we do not experience that but it definitely touches our life in either form and makes our life golden. Sometimes as a person or thoughts or education…PAREES is a story of an ambitious boy whose life is turned into gold due to touch of well manners, culture and politeness.

Made under the banner of Silver Screen Entertainment, produced by Mrs. Seema Sharad, the film is directed by Ramesh Salgaonkar. Sharad Kumar’s presentation, PAREES shows importance of education. On the occasion of muhurt, the first shot was picturised on Uday Sabnis, Ajay Padhye, Pradeep Patwardhan and Komal Apte.

PAREES revolves around boy working in tea shop, about his aim to get education and the problems he faces. Story, screenplay, dialogues and cinematography by Sunil Khare. The film stars Umesh Kamat, Nisha Parulekar, Pradeep Patwardhan, Uday Sabnis, Ajay Padhye, Raju Shisadkar and Komal Apte.