National Award winner Adv. Samruddhi Porey poised to produce a film on Dr. Prakash Amte

Adv. Samruddhi Porey, the first woman director to win a national award right through her debut film, ‘Mala Aai Vhayachaya’ is now coming to meet the audiences with a new ambitious film. Through her next awe-inspiring film Adv. Samruddhi Porey is now poised to present the life saga of Dr. Prakash Amte a lifetime dedicated social worker who has left no stone unturned while relentlessly striving for the development of the Adivasi people spread in the nook and corners of the Gadchiroli district.

Both the audiences and the critics overwhelmingly praised her film, ‘Mala Aai Vhayachaya’. Not only did the film prove to be a grand commercial success but it hoisted the flag of its glorious success throughout the world by winning several national and international awards also. Therefore, the audiences were definitely curious about her next artwork. It is through her, both commitment and obsession to produce a world-class piece of art, she has decided to present an inspiring film about the entire passage of life of Dr. Prakash Amte.

Through their renowned ‘Lok-Biradari Project’ founded more than 40 years ago, Dr. Prakash Amte and his wife Dr. Manda Amte have been consistently striving for the noble cause of uplifting the Adivasis dwelling through the most remote and harsh forests at Hemalkasa situated in the Gadchiroli district. During the early days when they started this arduous task even the basic amenities like electricity, education and a dispensary had not reached up to these downtrodden Adivasis. Even their language was not same as what we talk into with each other. But in spite of such several mighty challenges, Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Amte emerged to produce a widely acclaimed project out of the completely hollow vacuum they confronted there. Not only with the Adivasis there but they evolved a new bond of affection with the surrounding wild animals and the natural environment. Today, along with the local Adivasis, even the dreadful animals like leopards, lions and snakes have become their intimate friends no less than any other family members of them.

While dedicating his entire life for the sacred mission of uplifting the abjectly poor and awfully illiterate Adivasis, carried out till this date incessantly without any deserving grand publicity, Dr. Prakash Amte received the first sermons of the social-work from his legendary father Baba Amte and mother Sadhanatai Amte. Whether it was the independence movement with Mahatma Gandhi or the service of the thousands of leprosy-affected people outcast by the society, Baba Amte dedicated all his life for his divine cause and Dr. Prakash too has continued this auspicious legacy through the medium of his arduously undertaken movement of ‘Lok-Biradari Project’.

This unprecedented contribution made by Baba Amte and his angel-like son Dr. Prakash Amte has reached up to the people through several films and books so far. This unparalleled commitment and equally stunning achievements made possible by Dr. Prakash Amte vividly appear before the people especially, through the books written by him called ‘Prakash-Vata’ and ‘Hemalkasa’. Several hundred people have even taken a live experience of this glorious social-work of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Amte by paying personal visits to the dense forests of Hemalkasa to which even Dr. Samruddhi Porey too is not an exception so much so that Dr. Samruddhi Porey spent a few months at a stretch in the close company of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Amte amid the fearfully thick jungles of Hemalkasa. It was this stay there added further impetus to her determined resolve to produce a thrilling film about the life and contributions of Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Amte. The production process of this ambitious film has been launched and a legal registration of the screenplay of this film in three different languages of Marathi, Hindi and English has been made already. Dr. Samruddhi Porey has been receiving a mammoth support from the various strata of society also for making this supreme project come true, especially a very highly pivotal co-operation of Ashish Chaughule, the President of BMM in America has been committed for the making of this film. A partial shooting of this ambitious film is going to take place even in countries abroad.

The name and identity of Dr. Prakash Amte has reached not only in the nook and corners of Maharashtra or even on the international level. His vital contribution has been recognised with the conferring of even the Magsaysay Award, which is prominently known as the Nobel Prize of social-work. No wonder, therefore, the film being made about such an internationally acclaimed personality, must essentially match the requirements of a truly a world-class film and Dr. Samruddhi Porey too intends to meet this formidable challenge with flying colours. Over the background of the International Women’s Day, it must be unconditionally accepted that the goal of producing a film full of rich content of this kind Dr. Samruddhi Porey intends to set before herself and is resolved to achieve is indeed commendable.

Exceptionally competent artistes and technicians are being chosen for this unique film and the audiences will have to wait for a while to learn, who is going to play the roles of Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Manda Amte. Adv. Samruddhi Porey believes that the fascinating commitment and the divine contributions made by Dr. Prakash Amte will appeal and touch the hearts of the millions of people through this milestone film based over the inspiring saga of a committed social worker born with celestial blessings.