Mystic Madhubani – The tell tale dome at DLF Place Saket

This festive season DLF Place Saket celebrates Diwali over Madhubani Paintings, which are based on the various phases of Ramayana.  A dome that emulates an over-sized lamp is installed in the Mall’s atrium narrating the various phases in Lord Rama’s colored life. From his birth, to life at Valmiki’s ashram, to the swayamvar with Sita, to the fierce face off with Ravana…..the vibrant art panels end with homecoming and Diwali.

The creative installation will be a glowing hemi-spherical lamp. The inner surface of the arty installation will unfold the chapters of the Ramayan artistically, showing through specific frames ‘kands’, illustrating the birth of Ram, Sita’s swayamvar and Raavan’s defeat, anecdote of deity Ram and lord Vishvamitra, expatriation of Lord Ram are the few set of frames to name. The inside of the inner layer has the whole artwork and with a lustrous finish to its outside. The outer layer of the same will be an intricately cut in an artistic pattern and fabricated in mdf in a GOLD hue.

Installation Specifications:

The huge hemi-spherical structure of will be suspended at the atrium of the mall, with the help of suspension wires finished in velvet. There will be 15 panels showcasing glorious moments from the epic of Ramayan. The entire structure will be lit by spotlights from the outside and individual lights placed within the dome.

About the Artists:

The artists are from the city of Janakpur, Bihar they have put in their timely and invaluable efforts in creating these paintings; to whom this is a familial business which has being running since ages. The art form was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts, but now with the evolving trend they are also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas. Earlier, they were made by small pins and natural colors i.e. gulal. But now it has been transformed to Brush and synthetic colors.

Date: 19th October on till 18th November 2012
Place: DLF Place Saket
Time: 11am to 8pm