My father never gave me a luxurious life : Azim

Young, talented, energetic Azim is debuting on silver screen with QASAM SE QASAM SE. He is son of Nazim Rizvi who has given films like ‘Undertrial’, ‘Hello Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain’ and ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’. He is very much inspired by Salman Khan who introduced him at the music launch of QSQS. Azim wowed the audience with his performance at recently held Dadasaheb Phalke Awards ceremony. The dashing dude talks to GLAMGOLD about him and QSQS.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) When did think of acting?

AZIM) I have grown up in filmy atmosphere. I thought of becoming an actor when I was 9th standard.

GG) You could have stepped in earlier…

AZIM) Yaa but my father advised me to complete studies first. I did B. Com., MBA in Marketing and appeared for IAS prelims.

GG) What preparations did you do before the shoot started?

AZIM) I have not taken any formal training in acting. I learnt action from Mozes sir, stunts from Mr. Anil and did three months course of dance from Shakur sir.

GG) Tell us about QSQS and your character.

AZIM) QASAM SE QASAM SE is romantic thriller. I am playing college student, Rohan. He is very energetic and chulbula. He always has his pocket full of money which he spends on his friends. That is why his friends think Rohan is a thief or doing something wrong. But when the secret is revealed…you watch it on big screen.

GG) What are the similarities or differences between Azim and Rohan?

AZIM) Rohan is outgoing which I am not. The similarity is we both have daring. What we decide once, we go for it.

GG) How did you feel when faced camera for the first time?

AZIM) I had prepared myself for six years. So at the time of first scene I was very confident. I was very happy as what I dreamt, was happening in reality.

GG) Based on the thoughts of 220 millions students…How?

AZIM) We used to do surveys in marketing, so thought of applying that principle in the film. We made a form with ten questions, gave it to college students and youngsters at different places in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, US etc. It was indeed very interesting. The scenes of the films are written on the bases of these answers. In different situations what today’s youngster think is the crux of QSQS and we have put this essence in the film.

GG) What questions did you ask for the survey?

AZIM) All the questions were youth related. What they think about parents, grandparents, life, girlfriends etc. For example your parents do not agree for your marriage with the girl you like what will you do or whom will you choose career or girlfriend…We have also shown the generation gap.

GG) Did you have any differences with your father?

AZIM) My father had never given me a luxurious life. I used to travel by local train, bus etc. I got just Rs. 50 everyday as my pocket money when I was studying in Mithibai College. I had to adjust my travelling and food expense in the small amount. At that time I use to get angry why Dad is doing this to me. But today I understand that was for my betterment. He was absolutely right so that I can go through different experiences of life practically.

GG) What message QSQS gives?

AZIM) First understand, think and then take any decision. Do not take any decision in hurry.

GG) Where did the college scenes were shot?

AZIM) Atharva College at Kandivali, a suburb of Mumbai.

GG) You are inspired by Salman Khan…

AZIM) Dad has made ‘Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’ with Sallu Bhai. I know him since I was sixteen. We have family bonding. He has helped me a lot.

GG) What did you learn from him?

AZIM) I had a speech problem. He taught to face it. He also taught how to control my anger, body language etc. He was specially present during my photoshoot.

GG) What advise did he give you?

AZIM) Never do dieting. That takes away the charm of your face. Eat everything but burn calories doing workouts. He always told me to behave like a duck.

GG) Which quality of Salman do you like the most?

AZIM) He is a very patient guy. He just endures being silent. He is a gem of person.