Singer-guitarist cum composer Aaryan Banthia’s fourth new single PAAR has made a huge mark within just 10 days of release on 21st November, with a reach of more than 1 million! The track is fresh and speaks of the struggles of people from different segments of society during the pandemic. Paar also talks about the fact that as a society we need to inculcate the traits of inclusivity and diversity, which are the need of the hour.

The audience today demand something fresh, more so when it comes to music. The fact that Aaryan’s songs always centre around a pertinent theme is what makes his compositions a hit among his fan following. The singer with the magic touch has been steadily climbing the charts ever since he released his first single Yaadein.

Aaryan already has three back-to-back hit songs to his credit and is one of the very few independent artists with widespread critical acclaim, all within a short time. His fan base is global and about 20% of his Spotify listeners are from the US and another 5% from Germany, UK, and even Ukraine, etc.

Speaking about his song, Aaryan Banthia, said, “I am elated at the response received for Paar. The fact that people have appreciated the song reinforces the fact that they are willing to listen to something new and different. It is also a reaffirmation about how acceptance is beginning to set in among people. It was the trials and tribulations of people during the pandemic that prompted me to compose this song. I am glad that it has touched a chord and egged people to sit up and take notice. The song is also meant as an encouragement for everyone to continue giving their best and turn every adversity into an opportunity.”

Aaryan’s debut Hindi track ‘Yaadein’ was a rock ballad with a subtle touch of blues and was released by Zee music. He made his second appearance in a song called ‘Back in the Day’, an English track, which, despite belonging to the rock music genre, resonated with the young and elderly alike. Both his singles crossed the one million mark on YouTube in a short span of time. His third single called ‘Hey Betty’ depicted old school love and romance and crossed half a million views within just 8 days of release.

Aaryan is an ardent guitar lover and all his solos including the recent “Hey Betty” make extensive use of this instrument. Having grown up looking up to renowned guitarists like Mark Knopler, John Mayer, BB King, and Paul Gilbert, Aaryan has immense passion for the instrument. In times to come post the pandemic, Aaryan plans to rewrite live shows and bring forth his musical style through various musical compositions and performances.

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