Singer, lyricist and composer Nikk, who had recently launched a single Hosh with actress Mahira Sharma, is all set to now release another single. This time actress Avneet Kaur will feature in the single. The single is titled Badaami Rang and it’s a romantic song shot in the green and beautiful locations of Goa.

Nikk & Avneet said, “Music videos are fun and a learning experience. Earlier, too, we have done a single Teri Naar together and it was a huge hit and it crossed 110 million views. Yaari, which we did together, also crossed 247 million views. We loved shooting for Badaami Rang, because it is something different and unique, there is an amazing chemistry between us.”

Nikk and Avneet

Nikk is very excited about this new single. Previously, he played a romantic guy, but in this single, he teases the girls in the single. His handsome looks and dashing personality makes girls go mad over him in the song. He said, “Avneet is a talented and glamorous actress. Badaami Rang is about a romantic couple and how they enjoy time in Goa. Romance is one of the few things that people love to watch during the time of pandemic. It will be refreshing for viewers to enjoy a song shot in Goa. The song is supposed to give a European and countryside feel to the viewers with its locations.”

The song will be released under Bang Music Label on October 11. Earlier, too Nikk’s singles have crossed millions views and his music has found a connect with masses.

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