Simba Singh : Emerging as a star in the world of Pop Music

Simba Singh’s songs perfectly fit the global scene. Hailing from a family of musicians in Punjab, he has been taught from a young age that the most important aspect of music is the feeling that it invokes in people rather than the music itself. He is being mentored by the 5 time Grammy Award Winner, songwriter and a LA-based record producer, Jeff Bhasker himself.

Simba’s debut single “Got You” released on 7th May 2020 garnering 4Ok+ streams of Spotify and 10Ok+ views on YouTube, organically. “Got You” was inspired by a personal story and the Latin dance craze that has gripped the world, which resulted in a concoction of risqué lyrics and a groovy production. Simba’s “80s Love” released on July 24, 2020. It’s an amalgamation of the Pop and Dance genre with a hint of the 80s vibe.

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It explores the journey of finding true love in a world that is full of excitement and energy. The song takes us back to the time where love wasn’t found on dating sites but rather on the open roads, the disco & the bars. The 8Os was in fact the last decade when the world thrived even without the internet and had formed deeper connections on a personal level. This song hopes to fill the void of real love that is felt every second in today’s connected but distant world.

This record is fresh and authentic in its true sense produced alongside Jerry Singh, who has worked with artists and producers such as Dua Lipa, Jeff Bhasker to name a few. He has also produced music for the HBO original series “Betty” recently.

“I am excited for my new song. The concept is something very close to my heart. I hope it strikes the right chord with the audience,” says Simba Singh.

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