Singer and composer Nikk’s single ‘Hosh’ shot with actress Mahira Sharma lately got launched and it received an overwhelming response. The single has crossed 7.5 million views already in a very short time and Nikk is glad that viewers have enjoyed the song. He said, “My hard work and efforts have brought results. The song is melodious and touches people’s hearts. It revolves around the separation of a relationship in love. I am so happy that masses could relate to the song.”

Sharing his experience on shooting for the single, Nikk said, “Initially, when we composed the single and started hunting for locations in Chandigarh, things really turned tough. Since we shot for the song during the lockdown, most of the locations were not available for shooting the single. Every time we chose a location, it was communicated that due to the lockdown, we won’t be able to shoot further. Finally, we shot the single in the beautiful locales of Mohali and Chandigarh during the time when they allowed us to shoot. It was a tough experience but now when I see the results, it is worth it.”

After the huge success of his earlier singles like Yaari, Relation and Teri Naar, it comes as no surprise that this single has become a hit. The song is produced by Bang music.

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