Mousiqui to Portray Life through Musical Notes

Indian Music has the rich deliverance and has an immense acceptance across the globe. Given the fact that the Indian artists are being recognized and their efforts are being appreciated speaks volumes. As they always say that the life is empty without melody, Music Composer and Arranger Sajjad Ali Chandwani is introducing us to a new, first of its kind effort in Contemporary Indian Music where the various stages of life will be presented through the means of Music.

“We in our span of limited existence go through different phases satisfying different needs ranging from the basic necessities of food shelter to love, affection, sense of achievement and finally surrender. Conspicuously Indian music forms embrace all these emotions in its various ways of rendition. Be it a Thumri, Qawwali, Ghazal or a Bandish, every segment of life is portrayed through these various genres of Contemporary Indian Music.,” says Sajjad Ali Chandwani before concluding, “This is the first time such a concept is being presented to the audience and fitting enough we are initiating our efforts to take our Music to the corners of India.”

Mousiqui as the concert is being referred to, will take place at the St. Andrews Hall on 27th December, 2011 from 8 PM onwards. Organized by A&G Partners & Shaf Dani Entertainment, Mousiqui will not only mark its presence in Mumbai but also have the Indian Panorama on the cards which will follow the Mumbai edition.