MARATHON ZINDAGI ready to release

Poster 1The person who run wins and who stop they lose is rule of nature. But this apply for normal human beings and nor handicapped people. Upcoming Marathi film MARATHON ZINDAGI is a tale people who do not hand or leg or eyes in short handicapped persons.

Director DuoThough these people face problems because of the physical condition but they have obstinacy to live with self respect. They have obstinacy to face any big problem. The film is about such 11 friends who are handicapped. They do not get job and are unable to do business due to lack of fund. So what to do now? The film answers this and more such questions.

Poster 2Everybody’s life is like marathon. Keeping a goal in eyes normal persons keep on running to make it true. But handicapped people can’t run like them. Even though they do not lose hope to live.

A still from filmJay Malhar Cinevisions presentation, producer Mahesh Kudle’s film MARATHON ZINDAGI is directed by duo Shakir Sheikh and Inayat Sheikh. The film stars Sanjay Narvekar, Vikram Gokhale, Sushil Bhonsale, Seema Kulkarni and others. Shakir Sheikh has wriiten the story and screenplay.