Directed by Anup Ashok Jagdale, RAVRAMBHA teaser poster was launched on social media. The film will be different film from all those historical films. It is a historical love story about to unfold from the film. This will be the first historical film to be produced in Satara district with a large historical background.

Shri Shashikant Sheela Bhausaheb Pawar of Shashikant Pawar Productions is producing RAVRAMBHA – The Great Warrior of 1674. Anup Ashok Jagdale, who has done excellent films like “Bebhan”, “Zhala Bobhata”, “Bhirkit”, “Current”, is directing this film. The film has been written by Pratap Gangawane, who has a knack for telling historical stories. The shooting of the film will start soon and the names of the cast are yet to be finalized.

In the golden pages of history, RAVRAMBHA is also a unique love story hidden in the Sahyadri coming to the silver screen for the first time. A Mavla standing on the background of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is seen on this very eye-catching poster which has created curiosity about the film.

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