Marathi film CHARLIE is film within film

The concept of horror comedy is not new to the world of Marathi cinema. Marathi films displaying terrifying ghosts, wandering souls, and dead beings have been produced earlier too. Even the comedy and humour has been tactfully deployed through such films so far. A fresh new form of art is now being introduced while transcending this old tradition of ‘Horror Comedy’ forward.

The four powerful elements of Suspense, Thriller, Situational Comedy and the Black Comedy found in the films of Charlie Chaplin are sought to be combined in a complimentary manner, a new film within a Marathi feature film titled as CHARLIE based over the theme of horror comedy is being launched soon under the co-operative auspices of ‘Samruddhi Creations’ and ‘PARV Creations’. The announcement of the film was made in press conference at Mumbai. Bharat Jadhav inaugurated the name of the film by picking it out of a coffin, on the distinct background of horrifying music and dreadful background.

Producer Baba Kale, Co-Producer Ravi Gole, Actor Satish Pulekar, Senior Civil Servant Shri. Kishor Gajbhiye, and several other dignitaries from the world of Marathi cinema graced the occasion. CHARLIE being produced by Baba Kale and directed by Sameer Ramesh Surve is going to endow the audiences with a unique exhilarating opportunity of being able to watch two films within one. It is for the first time only this experiment of a ‘Cinema within a Cinema’ is taking place within the domain of Marathi films.

Renowned actor Bharat Jadhav is a unique attraction of the film and the variety of facets of his acting potential is going to add colours to this film indeed. In his opinion, this horror film is distinct both in terms of concept and presentation and such an experiment is being indeed made for the first time in the Marathi film industry. Director Sameer Ramesh Surve said, “The film has been named as ‘Charlie’ to offer their respect to the contributions of Charlie Chaplin and it is being made by deploying the technology changes achieved in cinematography as well as digital art.” Thus, a new stream of Horror Comedies is being introduced soon with the launching of this Marathi feature film ‘Charlie’.