Make every look a precious moment with JEWELS from Chambor

Jewels have always been an essential part of woman’s wardrobe, a touch of elegance, a little shimmer that takes beauty to a whole new level. Chambor gives JEWELS a dramatic makeover.

Get ready to experience a complete new collection from CHAMBOR that is perfect to commemorate your most precious moment. With this new range, channel your inner diva with the dazzling and bewitching jewels range of cosmetics.

Price Details:

Metallic Liquid Eye Liner –        Rs 675

Metallic Eye Liner Pencil –        Rs 465

Metallic Eye Shadow Crayon –  Rs 525

Metallic Lip Gloss –                    Rs 595

Metallic Nail Enamel –                Rs 275

Chambor’s JEWELS range is available in an array of colors. These products add just the right amount of glam shine to your looks, giving you an appearance that reflects beauty, confidence with a touch of elegance.