Mahurat of Hindi film TURN OF ZAHIRA SHAIKH held at Mumbai

Recently mahurat of Hindi film TURN OF ZAHIRA SHAIKH was held in Filmistan studio at Mumbai. He film is produced by Shahzaman who will also direct the film. Suman Pathak is co-producer and Aman Arora is executive producer. Music is by Hemant Pathak. Mamta Sharma, Shaan and Pooja Joshi are the singers.

The film is based on real incidence Godharakand of Gujarat. It revolves around lead character Zahira Shaikh which is played by Aiman Shaikh. Talking to GlamGold she told, ‘ I like the story and the character very much. Actually I met Shahzaman for a music album but he felt I was perfect to play Zahira. I am from Lucknow and did theatre there. I have done serials and films before but this film is real break for me. I hope people will like my work.’

Producer-director Shahzaman has made a documentary film TUM JEET GAYE in 2002. It was education based film. Sharing his views with GlamGold Shahzaman told, ‘I always thought why riots happen in slum area only. Why only poor people die. So I was thinking to make film on this thought. Script was ready one and half year before. I am happy my dream is coming true. I will take care of not hurting feelings of any cast or religeon. The story will start from Zahira showing as college student and bachlor. There will be court room drama, riots and political games in the film. The film will be shoot in Mumbai and Bhopal.’


Banner : Aiman Pictures

Producer-Director : Shahzaman

Co-producer : Suman Pathak

Executive Producer : Aman Arora

Asistant Producer : G L B Institute

Music : Hemant Pathak

Asistant Director : Sawrabh Singh

Art : Amar Dogra

Cinematography : Pappu K. Shetty

Action : P.K.

Costume : N.S. (Guddu)

Production Manager : Bhupat Patel

P.R.O. : Brijesh Bachchan

CAST : Aiman Shaikh, Saif Khan, Ahsan Khan, Vishvajeet Pradhan, Aryan Mali, Avtaar Gill, Dadi Farida, Ahsan Quraishi, Updesh Joshi, Harry, Krishna Pandey, Nitesh Nayar, Raja Jani, Nafees, Shailendra Yadav, Neha Singh