Mahesh Bhatt says Don’t watch the film Mona_Darling

The industry is known to be a tight knit family but it came as a surprise when Mahesh Bhatt stated “Dont watch” Anshuman Jha and Sanjay Suri’s Mona Darling, which is releasing on Feb 24th.

Mahesh Bhatt was overheard saying in an interview with Anshuman Jha, who stars in the film, to not watch this Social Media based whodunnit thriller. The irony being he had said the same thing for Sadak twenty six years ago where he quoted “that dont watch my film Sadak if you dont have the stomach for it”.

With actors backing each other and promoting their films, this one comes as a shocker with Bhatt Saab saying not to watch this young film by probably the youngest producer in Bollywood.

On touching base with an amused Anshuman Jha, he stated, ‘I am shocked & happy – Shocked because he said “Dont” watch Mona_Darling” & Happy because he compared us with Sadak. I would love to show him our film.”​