LETHAL COMMISSION, The first Hollywood film with Indian actors shot in Mumbai

American citizen, but true Indian at heart, Anik Singal, comes back to Mumbai to make an action packed thriller Hollywood film, but here’s the twist, it’s with all Bollywood crew and cast.

He’s finally making his dream come true with his first action thriller spy movie, LETHAL COMMISSION, in which Singal is tasked to track down secret software about to leak into the world. He flips cars, performs his own stunts, gets tortured and of course, falls into a bit of Bollywood romance.

In an exclusive interview, Singal revealed, “This is just my first project, we’ve got much bigger plans for 2012. We’re preparing to produce a very high budget thriller involving both Hollywood and Bollywood with some very big names collaborating!”

The first project is already starring prominent names in Bollywood. Madhurima Tuli, the gorgeous lead actress having starred already in a South Indian movie, Alankrita Dogra, Arfeen Khan, Delnaz Irani, Aashish. Of course, we can’t forget the Director, Noor who has directed some of the industry’s most popular music videos and ad campaigns to date with all the major celebrities. Noor and Singal have been very quiet to leak their big plans for 2012 that include major Hollywood and Bollywood films. Parag Chadha is the casting director of the film.

In the press conference held after the shoot Anik told, ‘The scene today picturised is turning point in the film.’

Arfeen Khan who was recently seen in Yash Raj Films MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN is playing negative character in this film. He said, ‘In MBKD I played Katrina’s brother which was goodie goodie role. Here I am playing exactly opposite character as I play the villain.’

Anik Singal is making not only his dream come true but preparing to create a goliath in the film industry by bringing together Hollywood and Bollywood’s biggest stars. LETHAL COMMISSION is just the beginning, 2012 promises to be the year to watch this young visionary.