Laung Da Lashkara is a Flirtatious Song in PATIALA HOUSE

T Series and People Tree Films’ PATIALA HOUSE’s first song Laung Da Lashkara is a very flirtatious song.  It means to say that the guy has noticed the nose ring,  and I am not shying away in admitting that the guy finds her attractive.

Shot extensively in film city in a huge set that took 15 days to put the sets.

Remo choreographed the song, had incidentally hurt his foot, was in plaster for a month and was choreographing on crutches. Akshay Kumar was constantly heard making fun saying that this is the first time in his career he has a choreographer who is making us dance on crutches. Poor Remo couldn’t hear the end of it.

It features everyone from the film and will be used in the end credits of the film. A promotional video that encapsulates the spirit of the film and acknowledges the Akshay Kumar (characters) love for Anuksha and life.