It won’t be right to say that it is difficult to enter the entertainment industry if you are a model, but the struggle from becoming a common man to a supermodel is real! The latest person, however, to enter the music and entertainment industry is supermodel Yawar Mirza, who’s debut single, ‘Habibi’ is set to release by the end of the year.

Yawar Mirza hails from a small city in Madhya Pradesh. Like most of us, Yawar dreamt of becoming an actor and came to the Bollywood capital, Mumbai to follow his passion. He was under the notion that he would have it easy and soon be a star but, as he says, “It was Mumbai that taught me that only strong efforts are well paid here. I struggled for six months in the city, trying to make my name in something worthwhile but saw no success. Every audition or photo-shoot I went for, I was told that a fat guy like me can never be a star. I took that as constructive criticism and worked hard on myself to this day, when I finally am shooting for my debut single, ‘Habibi’”.

But this isn’t the supermodel’s first break, Yawar got his first break in a TVC with ‘Tata Docomo’. After that, projects just simply happened to line up for him. From a TVC for ‘Sheffield’ to a TVC for a hair colour brand, he just had good things coming for him. His first step towards becoming a supermodel was with Reshma Riyaz Gangji. Walking for her label, ‘Libas’ in 2018, brought him the ultimate recognition of a model on which Yawar says, “When I went for the look test, Reshma was so impressed that she prebooked me for all her future shows”.

Yawar’s recent work includes his Jalesh Cruise Show for ‘Libas’ in January and walking for ‘Bombay Times Fashion Week’ in March. When asked about how he feels about his debut single, ‘Habibi’ he said, “2020 might not have been a good year for most people but for me it has been quite impressive. I feel extremely delighted about the new opportunity of working in a music video and I’m immensely grateful for it. The video is being produced by TYF Productions films and October, 2020 marks the beginning for the shoot of song. ‘Habibi’ is a love song and is shot completely in Dubai. The track is sung by Nakash Aziz and composed by Kausar Jamot. The outlook of the song is middle-eastern. I am really excited about the number.”

The song was scheduled to release in March but as we all know Covid-19 pandemic had already delayed many projects. The video shoot had been deferred to now, October, and the song is set to release by the end of the year. The song will also star Georgia Andriani, who is an international model and girlfriend of popular Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan. The single is being directed by Aman Prajapat with Ruchikaa Maheshwarii as an Executive Producer.

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