As the campaign helmed by Varun Grover, Swanand Kirkire amongst others gathered steam on social media, the dialogue about the lack of credit to rightful creators intensified. It’s a rather simple matter that if someone has created a piece of art, they must be remunerated and credited for their work. Richa Chadha believes that while this is also a manifestation of the star culture of our industry, where a project rides on the face on the poster, it’s upon the actors to promote the ones who create the films. In an industry where writers and directors don’t get the love and adulation they deserve, Chadha says it’s upon everyone, especially the actors and huge stars to step up and promote writers who lay the groundwork of the films or shows.

#CreditDeDeYaar was essentially a movement that was kicked off by lyricists who aren’t credited for the songs by music labels. The movement, whoever, went beyond with more writers and creators joining in to talk about their personal experiences. Richa urges more actors to join in to promote talented creators who work silently behind the camera.

Richa said, “A movement to win rights for the creators and writers who lay the groundwork of projects is long overdue. We as actors become faces of these creations, so I feel duty-bound to ensure that everyone gets their fair credit. We should take pride in promoting our collaborators. I owe my career to creators/writers like Neeraj Ghaywan, Mrighdeep Lamba. For me, they’re always going to be the apex of the pyramid in terms of respect. They wrote memorable characters and stories for me. Credit De De Yaar is a reminder of how unfair we have been to those whose shoulders we stand on and it’s time we make a change in the right direction. I feel like in 2020 a lot is changing anyway and it’s time to accord to writers and directors the respect and credit they deserve.”

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