Today the litmus test for any content put online, is the views it garners and has it become ‘viral’ – such that it is the talk of the social media town! The content can be something that tickles our funny bones, or an eye opener towards a social or national issue, or a cleverly curated clip on how contemporary trends of our society. But what really latches on to the consumer daily dose of content consumption is usually content that is viral and thus easily accessible to the masses or more conveniently it reaches then organically through shares and forwards or recommendations by peers.

How does one create content that has potential to go viral? Is there a secret formula for becoming a viral sensation? That is the question which every millennial has in their mind, how can I become viral! The answer lies in understanding the medium, knowing what clicks with your audience and most importantly how can you personalize the content so that it has a distinct style and appeal that cannot by be replicated. It is easier said than done and hence a master class on how you can create viral content comes handy for content enthusiasts. is collaborating with Pratish Mehta – Writer, Director and Actor at TVF (The Viral Fever), TSP (The Screen Patti) to curate a master class to understand the nuances behind content creation in today’s age. He will share insights on, how to be successful in making online videos, how to be a content creator and also some perspective on how to make a career in the web industry.

Details of the masterclass are on the link:

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