Siblings bond are always the most beautiful ones, this bond that never breaks and will have your back at every breaking or making point. Bollywood girl Nupur Sanon very adorably addressed her big sussie Kriti Sanon as her choti mumma and we all went awww!

Nupur recently shared a picture from her infant days where she looks nothing less than a doll and she is Kriti’s lap and behind her is seated their father. The picture literally is heartwarming and we desperately wished we could hug Nupur when she was a cute little baby as she was just like a snowball. The diva Nupur on this contect added,” The good old days when I was a cutest toy and nobody was willing to pass on to one another and hence I had to chill on multiple laps at the same time.” We couldn’t agree more with Nupur on this as we really would not pass her to anyone as her cuteness has no bounds.

After her Filhall album’s smashing success and singing the unplugged version of the song that became a mjor chartbuster we are eager to see this lovely lady in the sequel of the popular album.

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