If you are dreaming about your ex-lover in this lockdown period, short film “Ex-husband is back” is just for you!

The film is Namita Lal’s first film as a writer and director and sensually explores emotional /psychological issues of stalking an ex-lover. According to a recent research by AGY47, Google searches of “why am I dreaming about my ex” has gone up by 2450% during this quarantine period compared to same time last year.

Through the medium of an erotic drama, she shows that reconnecting with an ex can lead to the return of a past relationship into one’s current life. She challenges the cliché that a woman has to have a problem with her marriage to reconnect with the past. The protagonist in the film (played by Namita) sends a Facebook friend request to her ex-husband despite having a loving husband and daughter. The consequences that follow forms the story and amazing twist at the end of the 14 mins’ film.

Watch it on Bollywood Hub https://youtu.be/IC43tHtdPnI

In a research conducted on the subject, 85% people said they regularly checked the profiles of their ex on social media. Married couples admitted that reconnecting with their ex has caused problems in their marriage. The film aesthetically depicts that allure and curiosity about an ex can lead to an emotional and sexual attraction as one starts to remember the good feelings, the lust and the feeling of being appreciated.

Despite having a successful career as a senior banker, Namita recently changed her profession to a that of a full-time actor and film maker. A sensitive short film, Ex has good performances by Rahat Kazmi known as an award-winning director of films like Mantostan, Lihaaf and Namita Lal (actor in Lihaaf and award winning actress of Oxygen). Captivating music and theme song in English composed and performed by a young Singaporean Indian Nandini Rai is a highlight of the film.

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