Ankur Nayyar from Savdhaan India shares his quarantine routine

Star Bharat’s flagship show Savdhaan India has recently successfully completed 8 years on television. The show which is widely watched, recently come up with the FIR series that showcase interesting stories from the point of view of the police to the audience.

This special series revolves around four police inspectors from across the country and among them Ankur Nayyar who is seen essaying the role of Delhi police in the show in these trying times of the lockdown is keeping himself busy by focusing on his family and workout regime.

When spoken to the actor on his quarantine schedule he said, “I firstly get up early in the morning and exercise. I play with my 10-month-old son and teach my daughter who is in junior class for some time. After which we all eat together and spend some time watching TV. This is the time to make ourselves mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally strong so that when we come back really strong.”

Ankur further added, “I urge people to spend a lot of time with their families. You should not go out of the house unless there is a very important work. This lockdown is for the safety of us, our family and country.”

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