Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival enthralls the Mumbai audience

World renowned Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival, after having travelled the lengths and breadths of the country, came to Mumbai. This festival which is conducted annually in the fond memory Dr L.Subramaniam’s father Professor V. Lakshminarayana, took place in a beautiful ambience of Jamshed Bhabha Theatre of Mumbai.

The event was in its 20th year presented International talents like Solo Cissokho and Miya Masaoka which gave the event a global taste. The audience was introduced to foreign traditional instruments like Kora and Koto played by Solo and Miya respectively. Apart from the international artists the show also presented great many Indian talents like Preetam Koilpillai who played Keyboard, Alwyn Fernandes who played Guitar, Rudy David who played bass guitar, Raviraj who played keyboard, V.V. Raman Murthy who played mridangam, Ravi Kulkarni who played percussion and G. Satya Sai who played moorsing.

The show that began with a Japanese melody called “Sakuna Utah” or the Song of the moon played by Miya, slowly moved into a grace to spellbind its audience with African melodies played by Solo. Solo dressed in the attire of an Indian prince won the hearts of the Mumbaikars as he sang and danced along even while his hands gracefully pulled at the strings of Kora to produce a zealous musical piece which gave out the message of world peace. Following Solo was a performance put up by Indian Keyboard player Preetam Koilpillai, which was then followed by a Malhar raga based song called “Badal Baras” sung by Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam.

While talking about her choice of song Kavita said, “Through music I have been able to go through the dark forests of Africa and beautiful gardens of Japan which is why I chose a song that will beautify the nature.” And so this humbly dressed lady in dazzling sea green sari dedicated her mellow song to the appealing rainy season of the city.

The next performance was a much awaited performance of Dr L. Subramaniam. The piece that was   called “In Pursuit” was amongst the most appreciated pieces of the festival. A soulful music created by Dr Subramaniam by just fiddling with the strings touched the cords of every audience present in the theatre. The solo performance took a swirl as the violinist son of Dr Subramaniam, Ambi Subramaniam also joined his father in the piece. Slowly the piece got the other instruments in tune and gave the audience a feel of being Alive. The sound of Mridangam and Moorsing added a thrill to this piece. This musical piece had beautiful pauses which took the audience on a joyous musical ride.

This fabulous masterpiece was followed by yet another masterpiece called “Journey” which was a dedication to a great Violinist and father of Dr L. Subramaniam, Professor V. Lakshminarayana. This piece was then followed by a light hearted Ballad like musical piece called the “Wavering Mind” followed by a song sung by Bindu Subramaniam from her album “Surrender”.

The audience was brought back to the musical paradise by Dr L .Subramaniam and his composition from Salaam Bombay. This piece presented a beautiful jugalbandi of Mridangam & Moorsing. This was followed by a final piece where every artist presented a musical piece in sync with every other instrument. Along with an astounding jugalbandi of voilin, percussion, mridangam and moorsing which was much appreciated by the audience, the final piece also had a song “Daras dikhao more sham” sung by singer Kavita Krishnamuthy Subramaniam.

The USP of the event was the enriching and divine music created out of western as well as traditional instruments. Over all the festival created magic out of few musical instruments which totally captivated the audience.