L.I.F.E. unveils BLOOM Collection

L.I.F.E. Studios unveiled BLOOM Collection this season. The Bloom Collection is like a blowing breeze of delicate flowers and stylized decorations, of fine gold and natural gems of the rarest quality.

In Platinum & 18K gold, the collection includes fashion Bangles, long earrings, ‘cocktail’ rings, and everyday pendants accentuated with hints of rose gold, pearls, and colored stones. This collection is full of flair and intensity with a series of precious products that tell of a world of style and creativity to be discovered….

Restyled Natural and pure form is the essence of this collection, giving you an experience of being one with nature in a new way. The form, shape, texture, will connect you to your roots, your earth.  As love will bloom, expressions will flow in the form of this jewellery collection.

Jewellery is influenced by the personality of each one of us, Today, Fashion has to fit in with the way we think, and live, and the more we are free and open, more our choices form part of our values. Changes are taking place today and values in our world, communication and the dominant culture are getting much better by getting simpler.

Even the concept of luxury is changing. There are many different segments in this market and the difference is not just in the price range. Our personal opinion is that, in the future, real luxury will include a new ethic, that of love.