Kuoni India launches Holiday Report 2011

Kuoni India announced the launch of the Kuoni Holiday Report 2011 as part of the company’s initiative and strategy in coming closer to its customers as well as understanding their deep seated wants and needs from a holiday. The report provides key insights into the psychology and behaviour of an Indian traveller before, during and after the holiday. Eating more junk foods, drinking more, “dressing to impress”, soaking up beautiful sights and spending more money are some of the key activities that perk up the Indian travelers’ mood.

The report discovers important highlights with regard to eating and spending habits, manners and etiquette, physical appearance and emotional behaviour, and of course, holiday romance and friendships. How do Indians prepare for a holiday? Do we change our culinary habits “abroad”? Or will the future “holiday dream” be flying to the moon? Kuoni’s Holiday Report 2011 reveals some sizzling facts: Women buy new clothes before a holiday (65%), men long for adventure, excitement (41%), and Indians rank themselves as top flirts (37%)  – and generally we shed our inhibitions when “abroad”.

Despite the regional variations highlighted throughout the report – more than half the people from Chennai wear clothes that remind them of their holiday when they return home (51%), people from Kolkata are most likely to drink more on holiday (20%) – what unifies the research is how different Indians behave when away from home. Evading all the barriers of day-to-day life, regular persona and stresses, Indian holidaymakers divulge a complete new “visage” while they are in holiday mood.

Kuoni’s Holiday Report 2011 asked 1011 Indian holidaymakers from the ages of 25-65 to give overall and in-depth insights about their holiday behaviour. Kuoni commissioned Opinion Matters to carry out independent research in November 2010 with a representative panel that goes on a holiday abroad at least once every year. Such surveys shall assist Kuoni in coming closer to its customers as well as understanding their deep seated wants and needs from a holiday.

Some report highlights include:

  • Indian women take charge when it comes to pre-holiday preparations – from itinerary to “pampering” themselves – leaving less to do for men. 65% of women buy new clothes while 34% spent time exercising and 29% dieting.
  • Indians pay also great attention to their attire. They are very conscious about their appearance, especially when it comes to presenting themselves to the outside world. We rank ourselves at the top fashionable nationality on holiday (64%). More than a quarter of women admit to dressing more fashionably during the day (26%) and 26% of men admit to dressing more provocatively.
  • A break from the disrupted work-life balance increases the urge to escape for a few days. Around 69% of women crave rest and relaxation during a holiday.
  • Indians “just want to have fun” when away. 72% say that this is the top holiday experience they are looking for.
  • Indian women feel particularly “free” on holiday. This includes wearing different types of clothes (43% vs 33%), spending more money (42% vs 39%) or trying different food and drink (45% vs 35%).
  • Indians rank themselves as top holiday flirts (37%). Just under a third (32%) of Indians hope for some holiday romance and those aged 25-35 are most likely (34%) to feel this way.
  • Almost a quarter of people eat fast food during their trip (23%): more than three in ten women (32%) do this, along with a quarter of those aged 25-34 and 26% of couples without children.
  • Future Holiday Trends: Indians want sustainable but stylish “future holiday”. 24% think that going to the moon will be important in ten years time, 37% think that pure luxury will be important and 34% prioritise eco-tourism.
  • People from Mumbai are most likely to disapprove of topless sunbathing or limited beachwear (23%).

These and many more interesting facts and Indian holiday behaviour secrets have been unveiled for the first time by Kuoni. A Global Report where Kuoni asked over 12000 people across the globe about their holiday behaviour will be released in March 2011.

Zubin Karkaria, CEO & Managing Director, Kuoni India and South Asia, said, “Kuoni India has always been at the forefront of introducing travel trends in the Indian market. Kuoni’s Holiday Report 2011 showcases interesting insights about the behaviour of the Indian traveller. The report is an ideal way to understanding the Indian holidaymakers. The results proved that we do loose inhibitions when we are away from home. Thus, Indians are not looking for only a holiday; they’re searching for new experiences and even newer locations and look for rich experiences that both cultures and sights in foreign countries can bring. They want to be the first to discover and first to talk about their discoveries. The report is beyond just statistics and focuses on a more personal and searching nature to understand the psychology and behaviour of what actually happens before, on and after a holiday.”

On the launch of the report Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said “It gives me immense pleasure to associate with Kuoni India to launch the Kuoni Holiday Report 2011.  Eating and drinking is an intrinsic part of any good holiday. Food in India is synonymous with luxury and leisure. This report shares distinct and unique behaviour about Indians relating themselves to food during their holiday. Enjoying and experimenting with a variety of delicacies is the most noticed attitude of the Indian traveller.”