Krishnaben goes to Dwarika to celebrate Holi with her Kanhaiya

While every other serial is celebrating Holi in traditional manner in their screen homes, Krishnaben of KRISHNABEN- KHAKHRAWALA has gone to Dwarika to play Holi with her Krishna Kanahiya. She has gone there with her Nav Durgas and her father-in-law. Comments Asit Kumarr Modi, “Many people come from all over the country to celebrate Holi in Dwarika. Few of them even walk all the way from their home towns to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna. At times, to walk on foot, they have to leave their homes months before because of the great distance. All the devotees collect on the river bank to play a traditional Holi. We too, will play Holi with all the other people. It will be great fun. In fact it is from this day of Holi that deity of Krishna at Dwarika starts wearing clothes made of flower.”

Comments Indira, “Krishnaben chose to go to Dwarika because she is happy about few of her achievements and milestones in her life. Her first Bill Book is ready, her son Ilesh has got a job, She has crossed beyond the turnover target set by her for the company. Naturally she decides to go to Dwarika with her  Nav-Durgas and her father-in-law.”

Character of Krishnaben Khakhrawale has become a big inspiration for many men and women. Many have followed in her footsteps to achieve their dream.

KRISHNABEN- KHAKHRAWALA is the story of a woman of substance who is symbol of positivity and inspiration. The show display cultural value and provides social awakening messages through its funny situations. KRISHNABEN- KHAKHRAWALA is produced by Neela Telefilms, the makers of Tarak Mehta ka Oltah Chashmah and is telecasting on Sony Entertainment Television from Monday to Friday at 8 PM.

Story is set in Ahmadabad. KRISHNABEN- KHAKHRAWALA is the tale of a lady who has single handedly but happily struggled throughout her life and brought up her kids after the death of husband. The show is based around her the journey.