Krish Pathak’s fan moments

Enjoying GoaKrish Pathak who plays Ayaan Khan in the Star Plus show P.O.W is getting rave reviews for his acting. With his debut the young lad has become a known face among the audiences. Talking about his experience, Krish said, “Last year I went to Goa on 30 December to welcome New Year. While I was on some beach with my friends, one fan came to me and asked “Are you Ayaan?” I was mum for a few seconds as this was my first experience with fans. Then there was big smile on my face. They took photographs with me. That moment was priceless.”

Krish with friends at GoaKrish also shares another experience. “I went to a restaurant for dinner with my friends. There was a screen on which people were watching the cricket match. In a break the channel showed trailer of P.O.W. And then everybody was looking at me, asking me whether it was me. Many people came to me, congratulated me and appreciated my work. That moment was oh so memorable.”