Kavya Ramani makes her Mother proud on the day of Novel Culmination in her school

Parents are the proudest when people start associating them with their kids’ name, and here Kavya’s mother Parul Ramani felt the same. Kavya received a special certificate from her Principal and her mother was called upon the stage for recognising her achievements. Kavya participated in the card making competition and was one of the narrators in the Novel Culmination programme.

Kavya along with focusing on her acting career has made sure to excel at school too. Her mother who has been her guiding support feels proud and content that her daughter is able to balance both her acting career and student life.

Kavya who is an all-rounder is able to practice her singing, dancing and even does martial arts only because her Mother makes it possible for her. Parulji schedules her daily routine making sure that Kavya has time for herself and enjoys her activities.

A Mother’s duty is endless and Parulji is in the process to help Kavya make the impossible, possible with her own abilities.