Kalki Koechlin and Pratiek join hands with BINDASS BUDDIES to pick out Buddies from K.C. College, Mumbai

Every year new college students in the country go through a lot of change as they begin to learn the ropes of their environments, when they start calling ‘teachers’ as ‘professors’, ‘timetables’ as ‘schedules’ and ‘recess’ as ‘bunking’. College is a pretty serious place when you’ve just joined and are trying to fit in! UTV Bindass is back this year with its very popular property, BINDASS BUDDIES, which joins hands with Tata Docomo as the presenting partner. BINDASS BUDDIES is the only platform where you can find a ‘buddy’ amongst your senior from whom the newbies could quickly learn what they need to know about their new college, have a guide through those initial difficult weeks and even keep you updated throughout the year. The” Buddy” is any first year student’s most prized khabri, giving all the “asli dope” and sharing the important tidbits and trivia that will add zing to the newcomer’s college life.

For this unique activation, the cast of MY FRIEND PINTO, Kalki Koechlin and Pratiek join in the fête.  MY FRIEND PINTO is about Pinto looking for his childhood friend while on the other hand BINDASS BUDDIES is also a search for the best buddy who can help you get through your initial days in college. Kalki and Pratiek will share stories and incidents about their college days and of course talk about their first days of college life. The duo will go on to meet the Buddies chosen from K.C College, Mumbai.

This hunt for the Buddies extends to 200 colleges in 10 cities across India, which commenced in July 2011 and will go on till October 2011. The cities where the hulchul is going on are:  Mumbai, Kota, Pune, Kolkata, Indore, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmadabad, Lucknow and Chandigarh. The search for the BINDASS BUDDIES will be a one day activity in the colleges, choosing the best 5 buddies from each college visited. Thus, giving the country the 1000 best buddies all over India. Keith Alphonso, Business Head, UTV Bindass comments, “Tata Docomo BINDASS BUDDIES is on a country wide college hunt for the best buddies and extends this hot favorite on-ground property on-air .Our research insight told us that the first few weeks of college, for a ‘fresher’, are the toughest as it’s a completely unfamiliar territory and they tend to feel lost. This led us to create BINDASS BUDDIES and over the past 2 years this property has seen tremendous acceptance by students. It is by far the largest ever college contact program created which not only reaches out lakhs of college students but also connects with them emotionally.”

The chosen Buddies will be given access to the Bindass.com portal whereby they can share exciting stories of their college online – this will be a secret URL accessible only to those people who have been nominated as Buddies as result of the on-ground activity. The buddies will post stories about their colleges, share news and gupshup along with the photographs, all uploaded onto the micro site through a simple and easy-to-use create-a-post page. All the stories will be accessible to the Bindass youth.

Tata Docomo Presents, BINDASS BUDDIES, powered by ICan, the natural fruit energy on the tap where you get all the inside scoop that you would ever want about the college you’ve just joined, the Buddies will provide it to you all.