IIJW 2011 DAY 2—CVM EXPORTS ended day two with a dramatic triple line of jewellery at the INDIA INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY WEEK 2011

CVM Exports, a part of the Choksi Vachhraj Makanji and Company which was started in 1850 created high fashion jewellery of the ultra variety for the modern woman.

Presenting a beautiful line of pieces at the India International Jewellery Week 2011, CVM Exports had real rose cut and uncut flat diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones in 22 K gold, along with diamond studded gold beads, and coloured stone studded gold beads.

Specializing in hand made beads, the company has also created some unconventional pieces like the gold studded blouse with real uncut diamonds and a matching purse for formal wear.

Opening the show with popular model, Sheena Chohan in a black gown with a stunning set, the jewellery moved on to the first of the three collections.

Bariki or very small as the collection was called, had the tiniest of pendants strung on almost invisible gold chains which were perfectly suited for that jet setting modern woman.

The Signature collection of uncut diamonds was a traditional line featuring the traditional cummerbunds in gold, the glittering gold strands for contemporary Rani Haars, the triple gold, rubies and delicate intricately crafted neck piece; while gold beads edged necklaces, fluid gold, pearls, rubies meshed beautifully for ornaments and the ruby pronged version twinkled under the arc lights.

For the last collection titled Moon, CVM Exports created magic with flat cut diamonds as they appeared for the five strands necklace. The gigantic pearl drops for earrings and the necklaces fitted perfectly into the Moon inspiration, while the fan shaped gold earrings and necklace duo told a creative story of pearls and flat cut diamonds.

The single gold mesh hand bag was a striking entry on the ramp as it matched the jewellery with its intricate design.

Show stopper Kajal Aggarwal the star of the latest hit film SINGHAM was a vision of elegance in a white gown with a thick flat cut diamonds and pearls necklace which ended in a striking oval pendant.

The panelled pre-stitched saris, sheer tunics, trousers and the gowns were created by Pooja Shukla which provided the CVM Exports collection a fitting combination for its dramatic jewellery.

For a variety of jewellery options that range from the casual to formal and bridal, CVM Exports gives women around the world designs that are timeless but exclusive.