Idea’s first of it’s kind ‘online reality show’ reaches its final stage

Idea Cellular, the pan India mobile operator launched the first ever and one of its kind ‘online reality show’ with online tasks using various social media platforms like Facebook.

The participants after registering themselves on had to answer simple Questions. The contest allowed the user to gather information from his/her network of friends using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, etc. After a 3 month long online tasks 4 finalists were selected from the thousands of contestants.

In the final leg of the online reality show, the final 4 contestants Gavin, Deepak, Sameer and Nisarg were then sent to Kochi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi, respectively and given different tasks.

The contestants also had to document how they will tackle various exciting tasks that are put forward to them. In this 5 days quest the most ‘Liked’ and ‘supported’ candidate, is crowned the winner of the Language Quest. The finalists could use the ‘No idea? Get idea’ lifeline thrice, in which they would not get the points for online help received.

The contestants were sent to different cities to perform their set of tasks for which they could take help from over 2,80,000 idea fans present on facebook, by posting their queries basis the task given to him and trying to finish it in the minimal possible time span.

On the first task day they had to find 5 famous food items from 5 different shops and the fastest ways to get there through the best possible modes of transport and on the second day had to get to 5 famous places in their allocated city, for all these activities they could only take help from the Idea Fans on the facebook page. The third day of the task saw them getting Ideas from Idea fans on where to buy goggles, cheap red nail paint, safety pins, crayons, boot polish, bread pack (slicebread), hair oil(small bottle), comb(pocket comb), one specialty food items from that city and Two coins of 5 Rupees each. The fourth task day had them scratching their heads to figure out a clue, to reach their first destinations out of the 3 and on completion of which they were given directions about the next 2 places they had to visit in the city that day.

The last and the penultimate day saw them strive real hard to utilize the clues from earlier tasks to figure out the name of the place and the shortest way to get there. They contestants had to reach 5 different places the clues for which were available at the respective locations and had to take support from the facebook fans and the contestants were duly obliged by Idea Cellular’s fans comments.

Now all the 4 finalists will be judged on the basis of the points they have got from the online help received, their on-ground task performance and the votes on comments section of their task videos which will be posted back on

And that’s not all Idea acknowledged all its fans who helped these contestants with their valuable comments and suggestions with free Cleartrip travel vouchers worth Rs. 1000!, every time they assisted the contestants to perform their tasks.

The first ever and one of its kind ‘Idea’s online reality show’ with online tasks using various social media platforms like Facebook, saw a major participation of people from across the country, and showed how this platform can be leveraged to get an Idea in the time of need.

Gone are the days when people used to spend their evenings in front of the idiot box, now people have got more involved with the internet and have got more interactive as compared to the earlier times and Idea Cellular, a brand that connects with its audience at all levels too is aware and have been leveraging the internet and online platform to stay connected with their target audiences.

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