I use to sleep at Delhi bus depot : Neeraj Sood

Recently SAB TV’s popular serial MRS. AND MR. SHARMA ILAHABADWALE came to an end. Neeraj Sood played society secretary Gopal Bhatt. He made the character popular with stammering mannerism. He also gave remarkable performance as Maqsoodbhai in BAND BAJAA BAARAAT. GlamGold met the guy over a cup of coffee in a relaxed mood.

Vipul K. Shah

GG) You always wanted to become an actor?

NS) Yes. But like all the other guys my parents were also opposing to take acting as career. After many discussions they agreed and I joined NSD in Delhi.

GG) Then?

NS) In those days my financial condition was bad. It was not possible to take a house on rent. So I have slept in Delhi bus depot for many nights. But I did not left and completed my course.

GG) When did you come to Mumbai?

NS) After NSD I came to Mumbai in 1998. I was very lucky that I got work immediately. I got my first serial MISSING on Zee TV and journey was on. I did serials like KADAM, KITTU SAB JANTI HAI, SIDHHANT and many more.

GG) And films?


GG) How did you get BAND BAAJA BAARAAT?

NS) Once I got chance to meet Aditya Chopra. He gave me a cameo role in ROCKETSINGH. It was like my audition. Aditya was very happy seeing my work in that and he offered BBB for Maqsoodbhai’s role.

GG) So it was easy for you…

NS) No it was not so easy. For Maqsoodbhai’s role I gave audition again for almost ten times. I developed my own style, mannerism which everybody liked. In fact after completion of film the writer and director congratulated me to play the role nicely.

GG) Was it difficult to play Gopal in MRS. AND MR. SHARMA ILAHABADWALE?

NS) Actually that character was normal before. But as it was made stammering character it became special. I think because of stammering mannerism only the character became popular. It was not that easy to play that. I have done hard work for that.

GG) Have you done any regional serial?

NS) I have done a Punjabi serial BAL DE DHARIYA. I played main villain.

GG) What is your next move?

NS) I have finished Rajpal Yadav’s ATA PATAA LAPTAA.