I continued swimming absolutely nude till… : Sunny Gill

Famous model Sunny Gill is making his Bollywood debut with JO HUM CHAHEIN. The party song of the film has already made youngsters on their toes. The sexy debonair has got quite good achievements to his credit. GLAMGOLD met the hot hunk to know about him and the film.

—Vipul K. Shah

GG) Tell us about your background.

SG) I am from Ludhiana, Punjab. My education has been in abroad.

GG) How did your journey start?

SG) I came to Mumbai. I did commercials, campaigns, ramp walks. I did an ad with Mahendra Singh Dhoni for Brylcream. I also did a video ‘Raat Khamosh Hai’ with Jagjit Singh and VJ Sophie’s music video “Mera Babu Chhail Chhabila”.

GG) Which was your first break?

SG) Fashion designer Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla gave me first break in Wills Fashion Week at Delhi.

GG) Then?

SG) Acting is my first love and always wanted to do that. I met Mr. Mahesh Bhatt for a film. He felt that I was suitable for the role and I was on the board. But that film did not take off.

GG) Tell us about JO HUM CHAHEIN.

SG) I t is a story of two young, hip, effervescent individuals Rohan Bhatia and Neha Kapoor, whose life change forever once they meet and fall in love. Simran Mundi is playing my love lady.

GG) Tell us about your character Rohan Bhatia.

SG) Rohan is fun loving, ambitious 24 years old MBA graduate who wants instant success and he’ll do anything to make that come true! He moves to Mumbai to pursue a career as a stockbroker. He meets Neha. Both of them have different wants, desires and quests but they manage to come together and go on a journey and then…

GG) What preparations did you do to get into the skin of the character?

SG) We did one month workshop before the shoot started.

GG) What is the similarity and difference between Sunny and Rohan?

SG) We both are fun loving, ambitious, party lovers. Rohan is a charmer who is loved by ladies and gets female attention what I get in real life. For me I have values in my life. I know what is right and wrong. Rohan does not have any boundaries. He does not think about right and wrong.

GG) Which is the most memorable moment during the shoot?

SG) Oh God! (laughs) There was a scene of swimming pool where I have to dive in a particular way. I dived but in a bit wrong way, resulting my swimming trunk go off because of water pressure. First day of the shoot I was given the instructions that in any case I should continue to act until director says Cut. I remembered that and continued swimming nude until director realized the situation and said Cut.

GG) ‘Aaj bhi party kal bhi party’ has become chartbuster…

SG) Yaa I feel happy for that. I enjoyed a lot doing that song.

GG) Are you a party animal in real life?

SG) Yes I love partying.

GG) Who is your favorite Bollywood star?

SG) Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. I am a big fan of his. I was on cloud nine when after watching my performance in IIFA Mr. Bachchan told me he enjoyed the show and I was great on the ramp. He also told me to keep it up. This was the best compliment I have received because it came from a legend whose talent I admire.


SG) Mai chahta huin ke film blockbuster ho. People like the film and my work.