I actually have been always comfortable in my body : Pooja Banerjee

Actress Pooja Banerjee who is currently portraying Vishakha in popular show Chandranandini has a bold role. So how comfortable you are in doing bold scenes?

Yes I am extremely comfortable and I also make fellow co-actors comfortable in doing such scenes with me.” Speaking more on her bold avtaar Pooja says, “I actually have been always comfortable in my body that also means that even if I don’t workout I am always happy with the way I look. I have been extremely comfortable while wearing swimsuits in my last show Swim Team as well so even in Chandranandini I am very much happy wearing the costumes and talking about the scenes. I have also grown up as an actress so doing any such scenes has become like any other scene and I am guessing all you need is confidence in your script and yourself.” Interestingly Pooja has a striking resemblance with Priyanka Chopra.

When asked Pooja says, “I wanted to look loveable even I am doing a negative character and bold scenes. The fact that I resemble her also makes me think about her.” Do you think television has become more bold “So has generation, we all moved up watching flowers blooming during an intimate scene to bold scenes in movies so then why should TV be left behind. Perceptions of the audience have changed and so the content on TV also needs to be altered.” So what are the changing trends on television? ” The most evident fact that marriage doesn’t change the fate of actors in a negative way at all. The myth that marriage slows you down is also proven wrong.” Pooja recently got married to national swimmer Sandeep Sejwal and Chandranandini is her first show post wedding.