Actor Ashwat Kanth who is being launched by Ram Gopal Varma plays Dawood Ibrahim in his next project D COMPANY.  RGV praises him for his approach towards the character and calls him a method actor.

Ashwat reveals this film is a result of extensive preparation to an extent that he couldn’t get out of the skin of the character. The hangover of playing Dawood was so intense that he couldn’t get over it.

Ashwat states that this approach remains controversial, because of the mental and emotional stress it can create.

“My character of Dawood needed a lot of preparations. I had to get into the skin of the character. Yes, given the character I am playing, dealing with the topic of underworld, it got dark. Putting myself in imaginary situations and to react realistically was emotionally stressful. After all, it’s not everyday that we deal with underworld,” says Ashwat.

For him perfection is premium, Ashwat strives to give the best to his fans who expect nothing less from him.

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