Gujarat gets to see BOL BACHCHAN early, thanks to the tradition of ‘Jaagran’!

Rohit Shetty’s comic caper BOL BACHCHAN is releasing on the 6th July 2012, ending the wait for movie lovers all over India. However the people of Gujarat will be treated to it early as BOL BACHCHAN releases there tonight, Thursday at the most unusual time to celebrate the auspicious occasion of ‘Jayaparvati’!

It is the most important ‘Vrat’ observed by all the girls and ladies of Gujarat where they have to be awake till 6 a.m. on the last day! In lieu of this age old tradition the makers have scheduled two shows one being a 12am-3am show and the other being 3am-6am show!

We hear that the advance bookings have already started, which just shows how eager the audience of Gujarat is to watch this hugely anticipated action comedy.

According to sources from the team, “This is the 1st time that a movie is releasing one day prior specially for this occasion and it is an innovative way to celebrate it with a laugh riot BOL BACHCHAN. In this way, it will also help the ladies of Gujarat to be awake till 6am and complete their fasting rites.”

Well, we must say that this is one novel way of combining culture and entertainment! Kudos to the BOL BACHCHAN team.