Geeta mysteriously disappears in APNO KE LIYE GEETA KA DHARAMYUDHH on ZEE TV

Malini Yadav has connived with Sudha on a plan to kidnap Geeta on her birthday and forcefully get her married to Vinod!

On the other hand Prince has given Geeta time till her birthday to confess her feelings for him. Basant knows about both plans where on one hand Malini is planning Geeta’s and on the other her own son is making Geeta fall in love!

But on the day of the birthday on seeing Geeta in Prince’s arms, Karuna declares to everyone that Geeta and Prince are in love and want to get married… Prince then does a complete turnaround at the nth moment and denies everything saying he has no such plans! Geeta heartbroken runs out of the party crying… where her kidnapper Vinod lies in wait! He drugs her and is about to start taking pheras with her when fate intervenes in the form of a knight in shining armour (Krip Suri will be making an entry as Raghu).

After rescuing Geeta from a horrid fate, Raghu takes her away in his car but unfortunately the car breaks down on the way. While Raghu is engrossed in fixing the car, Geeta mysteriously disappears!

Watch it on Monday, 10th January, 6:30 pm only on ZEE TV