Ganesh Jain of Venus elected as Chairman for IMI & PPL

Mr. Ganesh Jain of Venus, the eldest Jain among the six siblings to get elected for a high and respected post as a Chairman in  IMI & PPL for the year 2012-2013. It’s his continuous dedication and passion towards Indian sound of music. He is always one step ahead in his work.

“It’s an honor to get nominated and elected for such position and I am humbled and deeply touch by this decision. I have a great passion for Hindi music and cinema. I always have believed in standout performance and I did it hopefully,” says Ganesh Jain.

He is elected as a chairman for PPL (phonographic performance ltd.) and IMI (Indian music industry). The Indian Phonographic Industry (IPI), the Association of Phonogram Producers, was established in 1936, and it was Instrumental in finalizing the Broadcasting License arrangement in India. Subsequently, IPI members decided to form a specialized body to administer their Public Performance and Broadcasting Rights, and so PPL came into being in 1941.