Foot Care with specialist range from Iraya

Nowadays people aware about their beauty and most of them are showing special care to retain the beauty of the foot. Feet cracking and peeling is a common problem these days. Natural Foot Care Tips gives you the best treatment to get rid of this problem through the method called Pedicure. Feet dipped in warm water to which a little shampoo and vegetable oil has been added provides a good starting point. Let the feet soak for 10 – 15 minutes, before rubbing them (especially soles) with a pumice stone & itry out Iraya products for scrubbing
& massaging.

Check out the Foot care range from Iraya for your beautiful feet :

Purifying Foot Soak Fizzy- Neem, Basil & Mint 25 gm 95, 50 gm 195

cleanses, tones and refreshes the feet, antiseptic, anti-inflamatory
neem, basil, mint oil, epsom salt

Foot Soak Fizzy- Lavender 25 gm 95, 50 gm 195
cleanses, tones and relaxes the feet.
lavender oil, lavender petals, epsom salts

Walnut Foot Scrub 200 gm 695

Helps remove dead skin from the feet, making them soft and tender.
neem & basil extract, aloe,kokum butter, apricot powder, walnut powder

Kokum Foot Softening Butter 200 gm 795

Nourishes and smoothens. Softens and gives nourishment to skin
kokum butter, olive oil, shorea robusta

Revitalising Foot Gel – Aloe & Vetiver 200 gm 695

Soothes hot, swollen feet and restores vitality and energy to tired feet.
aloevera, jatamansi, menthol, camphor