Firoz Nadiadwala organised event to support Anhad NGO

Anhad is an organization actively working on issues related to democracy, secularism, communal harmony and justice. It fights for human rights and rights of the marginalised communities. Anhad is involved is providing relief, rehabilitation, livelihood, women empowerment, vocational training, literacy and education. Anhad plans to reach out to at least 100 villages over the next 5 years to create an environment where girls and women can be persuaded to acquire basic reading and writing skills and literacy.

Shabnam Hashmi,  Delhi based social activist was very happy to be associated with Firoz Nadiadwala who organised the event at J W Marriot, Mumbai where Bollywood people came to support them. Firoz Nadiadwala told that it is the cause and belief which has brought my involvement in ANHAD NGO. The organiser roped in Naseeruddin Shah and his wife Ratna Pathak who put up the performance of their play Moghul Bachcha while Shubha Mudgal regaled the celebrity guests with her recitals. The guests who came for the event were Rishi Kapoor, C G Patel, Balagiri, Ashima Bhalla, Akbar Khan, Arpana, Anu Malik, Anees Bazmee, Kaishav Arora and Deepshikha.