Filmmakers told to remove the song ‘Mooh Mein Le’ from the film JEENA HAI TOH THOK DAAL

Producer Aparna Hoshing from Rash Productions was given notice by Shiv Sena for song ‘Mooh Mein Le’ in her film JEENA HAI TOH THOK DAAL starring Ravi Kishan, Hazel Crowney, actor/director Manish Vatsalya and Pooja Welling. The music of the film is given by Abhik Chatterjee and Shadaab Hashmi.

The movie JEENA HAI TOH THOK DAAL has been in the public eye for its controversial subject after being set in Purnia District of Bihar.

It was last week that the producer Hoshing released the song ‘Mooh Mein Le’ on YouTube and the song is a hit among the youth but the president of the entertainment wing of the Shiv Sena – The Maharashtra Cine and Television Sena (MCTS), Akshay Bardapurkar has raised an objection for the usage of the term ‘Mooh Mein Le’ and various other words in the song. He has told the producer of the film to remove the song from the movie.

“We have received a letter to yank off the song from the film and other places where it has been put up. We are not thinking about anything like that now,” says Hoshing who prefers to seek media intervention rather than go to the cops for protection.

While Hoshing has taken private security, Manish Vatsalya says that he would rather take his song off, if other songs and dialogues with similar meanings are taken off from other films. “I do not want to name which film songs have similar lines. Ask them to do and we will take it off too,” he argues.