Film ‘New Year – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’ to have its worldwide premiere Digitally on 31st eve

The year has come to an end and as we all are about to enter the New Year with fresh vigour and energy, we have a film ‘New Year – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’, a multiple story short film which portrays the problems of modern living and is set to release on the digital channel Sony LIV on New Year’s Eve.

‘New Year – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’ is the story of eight lives all intertwined together with a common universal message. A successful businessman in an extramarital affair, a young boy caught up in a failed robbery, a school girl contemplating suicide, a gigolo at crossroads with himself, a guilty housewife, a kind hearted eccentric old man, a driver facing a life and death crisis and a secretary who sets off a chain reaction of events on the 31st of December are the protagonists of this story. The characters who experience heartbreak, lust, deceit, infidelity, financial crisis and suicide find hope and courage in the message, to face life and to encourage others. The film comprises an ensemble star cast of Ninad Kamat, Saahil Chadha, Ritu Shivpuri, Monaz, Rupesh Kataria and Utkarsh Mazumdar.

Says actor Ninad Kamat, “It was super fun shooting for the film. In between emotional tearing up, we were all laughing our guts out over some crazy jokes that someone on the sets cracked. The role and character sounded exciting. Of course, digital entertainment is the in-thing today! Anything that is quick, short and entertaining in the short film category is the future.”

Actor Ritu Shivpuri says, “I don’t know if I can even call it work since it felt so easy and was so much fun. Kailash Gandhi (the director) is one of my closest friends. He is an extremely talented individual and I’ve been aware about his passion for direction so being able to a part of this film is amazing for me. It’s a lovely short but insightful story about how life plays out.”

Actor Saahil Chadha says, “I always felt short film industry is an amazing upcoming parallel Industry with great potential, which will generate good amount of work for all the talent. Though the short films are still finding their ground, especially the production houses, as to how to monetise their content. It’s still in a transition mode but for sure it is going to have an Awesome Future”

Producer Kailash Gandhi asserts, “This is my second film for Sony LIV. This film is very special because when it comes to family, I can relate to it completely. The film covers all aspects of emotion, drama and family values. Both Suhaas and I want to make meaningful cinema and this subject was what we planned after our first film for Sony LIV, “The Good Friend” which also has a message.” He further added, “For ‘New Year – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’, casting was the key. All actors have performed brilliantly and the song ‘Wada ho’ by my friend Subhro Gangulee has taken the film to another level. This new year is going to be really exciting.”

The makers of the film, who have gone ahead with the idea to release the film digitally, believe that with the rise in demand for digital and web content, it is an apt decision to release the film on the digital platform. With the film revolving around New Year’s, the makers deemed it fit to release it on New Year’s Eve.

Produced by Kailash Gandhi and Suhaas Shetty for Sony LIV and Directed by Kailash Gandhi a.k.a. KG and written by Suhaas Shetty, ‘New Year – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’ is a slice-of-life film which tells the story of ordinary everyday people caught up in a vortex of complicated relationships and their resolve to start afresh.