Eureka Forbes launches ‘The World’s Most Silent Vacuum Cleaner’ – Euroclean IQ

Eureka Forbes, India’s leading consumer durables company and pioneers of vacuum cleaning systems in India announced the launch of ‘Euroclean IQ’, which is the world’s most silent vacuum cleaner with Deep Cleaning + Technology & double HEPA air filtration mechanism making it ‘a complete cleaning system’.

With the launch of Euroclean IQ, Eureka Forbes, a pioneer in technological innovations, has once again created an industry benchmark by breaking the sound barrier which, vacuum cleaners are associated with. Vacuum cleaners generally make noise which is almost equal to the sound of “Heavy Truck Traffic” but Euroclean IQ produces only 64db of noise which is equal to sound produced while having a conversation. This enables people to multi- task since the loud sound will not obstruct other activities like watching television, talking on the phone etc.

Designed in collaboration with Eureka Forbes’ partner Lux International, Euroclean IQ, promises to be one of the most advanced vacuum cleaners ever produced. It comes with the following benefits –

Intelligent Power Control: It senses the surface, intelligently selects the cleaning mode and vacuum cleans with ease.

Double HEPA filtration system: It is also the first vacuum cleaner which purifies the air while vacuum cleaning; its Double HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filtration system ensures that the air in the room is purified of almost all particles, gases and virus’ by trapping a large amount of very small particles which other vacuum cleaners would simply recirculate back into the air of your home.

Deep Cleaning+ Technology : IQ can eliminate the most dreaded dust mites effortlessly

IQ’s other benefits include its high power motor, constant suction power, energy efficiency, and it is convenient-to-handle ergonomic design.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Marzin R. Shroff, CEO- Direct Sales and Sr. VP, Marketing, Eureka Forbes said, “A visibly clean home is often mistaken to be a ‘healthy home’. Unfortunately we live in our homes believing this and even say that we’ve been born and grown up living with dust. Vacuum cleaners in India (unlike the western world) are used to do cleaning other than floor cleaning. Keeping this in mind we are also ‘Indianizing’ the vacuum cleaners to suit the needs of customers and create accessories that are useful to the domestic market.”

Further commenting on the unique features of Euroclean IQ, Mr. Marzin said, “With Euroclean IQ we have added an element of sophistication to cleaning. Not only does Euroclean IQ have all the necessities of a wholesome cleaning system, it takes it step further and eliminates the noise factor, which otherwise makes the use of vacuum cleaners very cumbersome.”

Designed and manufactured in Europe, IQ is priced at Rs. 19,990/-