DVD of musical programme MAHIMA OMKARACHA released

MAHIMA OMKARACHA says how and where Omkar is useful to us, also says real incidences. Recently the DVD of this musical programme launched at Mumbai. National  and State award winner for Marathi films Amol Productions’ Sachin Parekar is releasing the DVD produced by Shrikant Ranade. Scripted by Late Vijaya Namjoshi this one has voice of her daughter Mrs. Sunita Ranade. Music is given by Shrikant Ranade, directed by Vinay Girkar.

Apart from spiritual prosperity Omkar is very useful for better voice, purifying voice, memory, distress, inner beauty, concentration etc. From our ancient epics and books resident of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra heart specialist Dr. Jayant Karandikar has developed OMKAR Therapy (sound therapy) as medical treatment. He got success by curing many patients. His students Mr. and Mrs. Ranade produced this musical programme so that more and more people get benefit. Since last few years they have given performances at different cities. Many patients found positive results. Excited by this the couple understood limited reach of live performances and decide to make audio visual of the show.

Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Ranade for their hard work for a noble cause.