Dev Patel earns ‘Lion’ by auditioning for 7 hours

The 17 year old, Dev Patel, known for his sweeping performance in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ , now 9 years later is to stun the world with a completely different role. In his early life, he was said to be really energetic and was competing at both, national and international level in martial arts. Born in London, he was still raised in the Hindu faith. Since 2007 he has done a variety of roles, starting out with a web series called, ’Skins’, his mother took for for auditions a day before his science exam.

Dev PatelIn 2016, ‘Lion’ which is a biographical film directed by Garth Davis, co-starring Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara, is a pivotal character named ’Saroo Brierley that he earned to impersonate. The film is based on the non-fictional novel, ‘A Long Way Home’ written by Brierley.  He went through excruciating long hours of rehearsals and takes  to destroy a simple image that he stood to have to prove he is completely potent of carrying out a lead as an emotionally invested personality. To convince Davis, who put Patel in for a 7 hour long audition, which unlike the standard auditioning that lasts for anywhere from couple of minutes to an hour tops, was what it took to finally to get the role.