Cresecndo Music launches Zubair Ahmed’s ‘Shehar Se Door’

Cresecndo Music launches Zubair Ahmed ‘Shehar Se Door’, a musical evening co-hosted with La Patio. The evening was co hosted by Nikhil Jain and Rahul Laad of la patio and crescendo music. The album featured Sonia Birje, ‘Tarzan’ fame actor Hemant Birje’s daughter along with Zubair and the video is directed by Aziz (Psychotic Brothers).

The guests present at the launch were Vivek Mishra in his formals, Mamik, Shabaz Khan, Amy Billimoria in an orange colour outfit, Mumait Khan, Simple Kaul, Sudeepa Singh, Anjali and Madhuri Pandey, Ejaz Khan, Misti Mookherjee, Siddharth Kasyap, Nitin Bali, Shakir Shaikh and many more.

It was co-incidently Sandhya Mamik’s birthday which was celebrated by Crescendo team.

Nikhil Jain and Rahul Laad said, “We are glad to co-host the evening with Crescendo Music and our venue is perfect. We are delighted Zubair performed and will perform in near future too in an open ambience.

Suresh Thomas, the Managing director of Crescendo Music talks highly about the talented artist Zubair Ahmed, “India is a talented place & it has always been Crescendo’s responsibility to do justice to each talent associated with us. Zubair is a one man army & he is an enchanter. Shehar se door is by far his Best.”

The singer, composer & guitarist is Nagpur based having professional training in Indian classical Music & has been performing all over the world from quite some time now & has given hits like Ga Uthi Dharti, Gumsum, Teri Jhuti Baatein, Ek Baat… which has got him people from across the globe to love him for his enchanting & soothing voice.

He exclaims, “I am all excited for the release. I love performing & that’s what I’m going to do at the launch. All I need is a Guitar & I’m all set. Crescendo always has been doing a fabulous job by supporting artists like us.”